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 APA format

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It should be at least 300 words in length and you must extensively cite reliable sources, both as references at the end and as corresponding in-text citations (formatted according to APA standards). Attach your completed document to your primary posting.  Make sure you discuss your particular results int he attgachment

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Hq X2

To complete this Assessment:

  • Download and review the Community General Hospital Case Study.
  • Research quality and safety measures using the links provided in the Case Study document and in the Learning Activities.
  • Consider the priority areas for measurement for Community General Hospital. Based on the case study, select 6–8 measures for inclusion in a dashboard for the Community General Hospital Board.
  • Determine how you will display the measures in your dashboard.

Click each of the items below for more information on this Assessment.

Part 1: Dashboard

Using Excel or PowerPoint, create a ONE SLIDE quality dashboard based on the Community General Hospital Case Study. Your dashboard must include 6–8 measures. Use mock data to represent the measures you have chosen.

Part 2: Written Summary

To accompany your dashboard, write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:

  • Identify the 6–8 quality measures you have chosen for your dashboard. Explain why these measures are important to the organization.
  • Analyze how the Triple Aim/Quadruple Aim is represented in your chosen measures.
  • Explain how you displayed the measures. Justify your choice of display.
  • Provide a strategy for communicating the dashboard throughout the organization.
  • Explain how the dashboard could be used as a leadership tool to improve patient outcomes.

MBA5320 Reply 4

Discussion One

Cost minimization is a basic rule used in business that determines what portion of input, usually labor and capital (Bounthayong, 2019), will create an output at the lowest cost.  This can be further explained by a reduction of cost and getting the most for each dollar spent (Bayer & Prince, 2017).  Companies outsource for a variety of reasons, but it usually comes down to one thing:  cost reduction.  The auto industry uses outsourcing to achieve economies of scale accomplish tasks at a lower cost (Ciravegne, Romano, & Pilkington, 2013).  Labor is one of the biggest costs in manufacturing.  It not only includes wages, but also the benefits provided to employees.  Parts can be supplied from other companies thus reducing labor costs.  They can also use a design and sub-contracting companies to reduce overhead costs.  Overhead costs include utilities and the maintenance of the equipment on the production line (Hamlett, 2017).  These are just two ways auto companies can use outsourcing to minimize costs.

Baye, M. R., & Prince, J. T. (2017). Managerial economics and business strategy. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

Bounthavong, M. (2019, February 20). Cobb-Douglas production function and costs minimization problem. Retrieved June 30, 2020, from (Links to an external site.)

Ciravegna, L., Romano, P., & Pilkington, A. (2013). Outsourcing practices in automotive supply networks: An exploratory study of full service vehicle suppliers. International Journal of Production Research, 51(8), 2478-2490. doi:10.1080/00207543.2012.746797

Hamlett, K. (2017, November 21). Reasons for Outsourcing in a Manufacturing Industry. Retrieved July 01, 2020, from

Discussion Two

Cost mitigation on automotive company’s input strategy can influence “outsourcing” by directing the type of outsourcing depending on the amount the company is willing to spend. Shukla (2010) explains that offshore outsourcing is much more expensive compared to onshore outsourcing. In offshore outsourcing, the automotive company will incur enormous costs due to hidden costs that come with the strategy. The strategy may seem cost-effective, but it ends up spending up to 50 more of the front –end amount.
Aside from the cost, the steps involved in the acquisition process are essential in determining the impact of these to the company’s brand. The environment is so appealing; hence may do some movement for the clients. The “Yes” agreement was only seen when young companies are not faced with different environments, such as cultural differences and language problems (Lee et al., 2018). Outsourcing in the automotive field can be expense factors are against the production of quality work.
Finally, the availability of complementary services such as Data Protection services has the impact of influencing whether an automotive company should outsource or not. The presence of a supportive external environment, such as the presence of government services, makes the outsourcing process efficient. The company will not have to strive much when looking for an external supply of labor and the market (Lee et al., 2018). Therefore, auto companies tend to utilize the external environment is determining situations where outsourcing is a wise idea or not. Cost is a considerable aspect in determining the strategy, and outsourcing the Auto companies usually undertake. The organization will only indulge in outsourcing deal has more benefits than costs in many cases. The nature of the outsourcing strategy also plays an instrumental role in shaping up the decision of auto companies to use the technique. In contrast, the availability of complementary services will positively encourage the institution to outsource.


Lee, M. J., Paik, S. Y., Cave, A. H., & Jung, J. S. (2018). Comprehensive competitiveness for auto companies from the USA, Germany, Japan, and Korea: Empirical analysis through a diamond model perspective. International Journal of Multinational Corporation Strategy, 2(2), 95–132.

Shukla, M. L.-R. (2010). The benefits and risks of outsourcing | Lexology.

Activity 13

Chapter 13 Discussion/Activity

Using a model (PLISSIT or Recognition), and considering the four areas of sexual concern, develop a plan that addresses the specific diagnosis, age, and concerns of the following clients. Also discuss who might be involved in their care using a team approach:

1. A woman, age 72, with a total hip replacement and arthritis who is interested in continuing sex with her partner. (100 words minimum)

2. A 65-year-old man with congestive heart failure who is very concerned about continuing his sexual relationship with his 55-yearold wife. (100 words minimum)

3. A 70-year-old man post right cerebrovascular accident who is experiencing both sensory changes (decreased sensation on the left side, decreased left visual field) and decreased endurance. Despite these, he wishes to maintain an intimate relationship with his wife of more than 50 years. (100 words minimum)

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Is there a difference between coaching and mentoring activities?  Describe the importance of agreed-upon goals in an Individual  Development Plan. In what ways will you go about achieving these goals?


Please run a Google search of the term, “United States Supreme Court Carpenter v. United States 2018.”  Please write an essay summarizing the court’s decision. Also include legal citation for this case.

Persuasion Spin Doctors Paper

Spin Doctors Paper: “Spinning” a situation or image is a common persuasive practice. It is quite often used to shape public opinion (or reshape it, as the case may be). In fact, spinning is such a common practice that you may not even be aware of it. That’s what this assignment is for – to make you more aware of it!

To begin this assignment, first define spinning. The authors of our text briefly mention “spin doctors” in Chapter 4 as a type of image restoration:

“to generate favorable publicity and avoid unfavorable media coverage […] one of their primary missions is to maintain the credibility of the host institution.” Now, define spinning for yourself, using outside sources – just make sure to justify your use of whatever definition you choose.


1. For this assignment, find a person, product, or event that is in trouble and in serious need of spinning.

2. Explain why you feel a “spin” is needed.

3. After you have described the context, proceed to design your OWN spin. How would you attempt to reshape public opinion by creating a more positive image for this person, product, or event? Why would your methods be effective where current practices are not?

4. Finally, answer the following question both generally and with reference to your particular spin: Is spinning the truth wrong? Why or why not?

The finished paper should be 5 pages, double-spaced, utilizing at least 10 terms, theories, and/or examples from our text, and including an MLA works cited page OR APA reference list. Make those text references bold for me to plainly identify. I do include grammar, spelling, and typos as a part of grading. Make sure to proofread your work!

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Break-Even Analysis And Decision Making

Jaden Water Inspection Service tests water quality for industrial applications.

Jaden receives $150 for each inspection and wants to expand its business by adding another employee and vehicle. Jaden anticipates that another employee would add 60 additional inspections per month. Jaden has determined that the average cost for each inspection is $45. The fixed costs for a new employee and vehicle are $3,000 per month.

To persuade his investors that adding another employee is a good idea, Jaden prepared a break-even analysis. (See the “JWIS Break-Even Analysis” document.) Assume the role of Jaden and prepare a report that includes the following (1 to 2 pages):

  • An explanation of the purpose of a break-even analysis as it relates to this case
  • Based on the break-even analysis, an explanation of why the additional employee is a good investment
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Using Transfer Pricing Methods


Graphic Art, Inc. has a print division that produces art prints in China and a Retail Division in Greece that sells the prints. The Print Division has a low 20% income tax rate and the Retail Division has a high 50% income tax rate. The Retail Division in Greece is subject to a 10% import duty on the transfer price of all imported products. Both China and Greece allow firms to use either variable or full cost as the transfer price. The Graphic Art document summarizes both transfer pricing methods.

Assuming both divisions have significant positive taxable income, write a business email that describes the transfer pricing method that you think Graphic Art, Inc. should use. Be sure to cite the data from the spreadsheet. (2 – 3 paragraphs)

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Alternatives To Discounted Cash Flows, The Information They Provide To Inform Capital Investment Decisions, And The Types Of And Usefulness Of Qualitative Information On The Decision-Making Process

As a new product development manager, you are considering investment proposals for two mutually exclusive investment opportunities. The projects have been analyzed using net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), payback, and accounting rate of return (ARR), and the results are presented in the Investment Proposals document.

Assume the company requires a minimum return of 16% and a payback of 3 years. Evaluate the projects using the analysis provided and write a brief report that makes a recommendation based on the data. Also include qualitative factors that should be considered and an explanation of how they would impact the recommended investment decision. (1 page)

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